Cooky Cat Watershed Moment

Announcing a change of intention and direction for Cooky Cat. 

We have passed through that period of exuberant intoxication where in the early times on this blog we were willing to share just about anything, just to see what our words looked like all posted there in cyber space. And, admittedly, who would take notice. Then, there was the period when, like all food lovers and lovers of food preparation do, we scoured the shelves of all kinds of stores and the pantries of all kinds of cuisines to share about the little known, but fabulous. Remember "Borlengo"? 'Nduja? Solomon Gundy? Żubrówka?


From now on we'll only be writing as the Spirit moves. No more just to keep putting our face forward. If you are one of the fortunate who automatically receives the Cat's postings, then be reassured you'll only be getting the best of the best. Gone are the days when anything could get this Kitty to paw the keyboard. He's matured, and now must take his natural place in the stratosphere of culinary greats. He leaves the likes of Mark Bittman (That Bittman!) and Martha Stewart ("I-Do-It-ALL-From-Scratch") to slave away filling the time and space they've been regularly allotted in the various media. 

In other words, if it doesn't get the Cat's attention, it doesn't get his mention.

Stay tuned. Keep the Faith.

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