An Omelet for the Queen of Romania

THIS JUST IN: We tried a new, so-called up market type restaurant in town for breakfast recently, instead of the default in-town diner. Noticing the omelets ($7.95) on the menu I asked the critical (so I thought) question: are the omelets done in a pan or on a flat top grill. I was assured they were done in a pan. Sounds good. The problem with most omelets, especially in diners, is that they are prepared on a flat top and spread out all thin and too well done. A pan is de regueur. What could go wrong?

Additionally, I spotted the "Chorizo Scramble" ($8.95) and asked for that, but cooked as an omelet. Now, an omelet is mainly a fast scramble let to settle a bit (Classic French) or longer/slightly browned (Country French Style) to form a bit of a seal, then folded over a few times with or without a filling. First, the waitress informed me it would be extra for the Chorizo Scramble to be done into an omelet. How much? She pulled out $2.00; from you know where was my immediate thought. Really! But ,I saw her raise, and called. Let's do it. $10.95 for an omelet, you would expect something special.

Out came a thin crepe-like egg thingy folded over 3-4 times with micro bits of chorizo sausage which were done to a hard dry dense chewiness. It did look like a flat top treatment. We called the waitress to protest. But, as she unsmilingly hovered near me, I unwrapped the "joint" and lo and behold, yes it was done in a pan. But, flat top style. A full ten inch circle of tough-done egg you could unfold and hold up to the light; which I did. Well done, and you could have played Frisbee. Oh, and never mind that I asked for the thing to be not too well done. The straight faced waitress stressed it was a classic French omelet. Ya, and I'm the Queen of Romania!

As my dining partner observed, that was the kind of place you have to adapt to, not the other way around. Even in a search, images of their omelets look exactly like the one I was proffered. We were assured when we left without taking another bite that everybody liked their food. We kindly assured her that we were content to let everyone continue that way. You can't fight ignorance. To screw with her, we left a fat 20% tip.

We won't name names, but the joint is in Montclair, New Jersey and it rhymes with glum. In all fairness, Plum at Park is a nice enough restaurant. Very nice old style diner, bright and clean. Interesting menu. Omelets everbody loves. Just not Cooky Cat.

Here is an earlier post on the subject of omelets with a definitive demonstration by THE authority, Mr. Jacques Pépin.

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